Fiona Burch


Fiona Burch has joined the Ray White Team at Bayswater in client services. After many years in the automotive aftercare industry, and high pressure sales and targets this is a really pleasant new challenge for her.Fiona's initial career began in education, but progressed into sales after learning her ability to create rapport and offer the highest standard of  customer service was a rewarding one. She could acheive targets, and benefit  from this which was very profitable. Her bubbly personality and proffesionalism enabled her to sell "ice to eskimos" as her family would always say.  Fiona learnt her passion for real estate after buying and selling properties over many years and presenting them for sale to make a profit. This enabled her to travel the world as a single parent with her two children. This is her greatest memory and was her greatest challenge. This is also the acheivement she says defines her strength of character.

Client Services is an exciting new role for her, and one she intends to make a successful career out of and become an essential part of the Ray White family and the great team at Ray White Bayswater.