Get to know the Director of Ray White Bayswater

By Peter Munt

Peter Munt

Director, Ray White Bayswater

Having been widely recognised in the Ray White Group as a highly driven and motivated agent, Peter’s straight down the line and honest approach has been highly commended by his numerous loyal clients. Peter has a genuine passion for exceeding his clients expectations and leaving no stone unturned for them.

Peter has excelled quickly up the real estate tree starting in the industry to one of the former top sales people in Victoria as his assistant. He quickly took grasp of what the industry needed; Service, honesty and cutting edge standards unparalleled to no other.

His numerous clients would agree that Peter is your honest agent, an agent that has no ulterior motive and an agent that will work for you. Peter has been a local him self for over 20 years growing up in Knox area and you could not put your property in more competent, more experienced or more determined hands.

Away from the office Peter is a proud family man. Backed by his lovely wife Lainey and his three beautiful children, he has a passion for anything sport from AFL to the soccer to to Basketball to anything with a ball Peter will gladly have a chat.

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